While our clients’ goals may be similar — to change habitual response to triggers — what triggers them and how they respond are very different.

Because of this, a unique, personally-tailored mind-training plan is designed for each client.

However, all Mind In Control™ training plans share the following steps:


STEP 1: Qualification


The MindMatrix™ program requires a commitment that not everyone is prepared to make, so we begin with the qualification process. This mind training program requires the following from every client: 

Brain Performance

  • Thought processing speed: FAST 

  • Intelligence: ABOVE AVERAGE

  • Appetite for Change: HIGH

Commitment Level

I.e. commitment to the effort required to truly change yourself: HIGH

Example: imagine operating undercover, deep behind enemy lines, unsure if your #2 is fully committed to the mission... would this work? In order to engage and trust one another, we need your 110% commitment to the training. This is the only way for us – you and me - to achieve your goals.

Mental Orientation

Does this describe you?

  • No-fluff 

  • Direct, to the point; prefer to hear the truth rather than the softballed version

  • Sensitive, gentle yet strong, stable and courageous


Step 2: The Training

Developing a client-specific MindInControl™ training plan consists of various factors, some of which are:

  • Personality

  • Corporate / home circumstances

  • Age, sex

  • Defined goals

  • Habitual responses

  • Perception of reality



In general, the training takes about 12 weeks. We speak once/week for 1hr. You then "go out to the world" and practice, under real-life circumstances and in real time, what we learned that week.


In general, we expect the following:

  • Week 3 - 4: Initial internal indication of change, i.e. you noticed change,

  • Week 6 - 7: Initial external indication of change, i.e. a person close to you noticed change,

  • Week 9 - 10: Clear indication of change,

  • Week 11 - 12: Repeated successful experience of changed behavior.


Different clients will require different mind tools. However, the following core principles are common to all MindMatrix™ training plans:


Mind Tools.

These are unique and proprietary thought processes to be practiced in real time, thus changing exiting thought processes and behavior patterns. Clients typically learn one mind tool per week.



Operate undercover deep behind YOUR enemy lines by consciously enter stressful circumstances, getting triggered, applying a mind tool to assume control and respond differently. Practice takes place in real-time and under real-world / real-stress situations.



In general, training takes 12 weeks. During this time, clients speak with Dr. Heart once a week for one hour.


How Do We Define Success?

Repeated and successful experiences of changed behavior per our defined goal.


Step 3: Post Training

The intention of post-training:

  • Controlled disengagement

  • Other / additional areas of training

  • Transition relationship to maintenance