MindInControl™ was born at the intersection of Dr. Heart’s military, academic, clinical, and business expertise.


Dr. Gill Heart was born and raised in Israel. He served for over 7 years in an elite Special Forces unit in the IDF.

This unit is known to operate undercover, deep behind enemy lines. During his service (Captain and Reserve), he commanded and trained soldiers from his unit.

Following his army service, Gill pursued higher education.

He received a Bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He then continued and earned his PhD in Bio-Medical Engineering from Imperial College, London University.

In 2000, Gill was recruited by a Venture Capital firm and was relocated to the US to manage an early-stage, medical-device start-up company.

Since then and for the next 10 years, Gill was repeatedly recruited by leading New England and Israeli Venture Capital investment firms to CEO early-stage, medical device start-up companies with primary focus on breakthrough neurological applications.

In 2010 Gill founded MindMatrix™ and begun teaching his MindInControl™ method in corporate settings and to individual clients.

The program is based on his Special Forces training and operational experiences, scientific and clinical neurological data and business experience. In his hands-on executives training and corporate workshops, Dr. Heart synthesizes these different fields into a powerful product: training corporate executives and individuals to change their habitual response to stressful circumstances.

Parallel to his business career and over the past 20 years, Gill has been on a journey of discovering his Judaism.  He has become fully observant with a keen study of Torah and Jewish Mysticism. In early 2014 and following over Two years of learning, Gill received ‘Smicha’, Rabbinic Ordination.

Dr. Heart is the intersection of military, academic, clinical, and business expertise.

Dr. Gill Heart’s unique background in the military, academia, and business enabled him to merge the knowledge, lessons, insights, and experiences of his life journey, and created this one-of-a-kind mind-training program that is helping hundreds of clients from across the world change the way they think and the way the react to stressful circumstances.