You are an undercover agent sent to Iran by your employer, a Western-government intelligence agency.

Your mission is to collect an envelope from the busy Tajrish Bazaar in northern Teheran and deliver it, in-person, to the agency’s Director.

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While strolling innocently in the marketplace, looking at other shoppers and examining the goods, you notice the envelope – placed in the pre-agreed location.

Nonchalantly, you make your way towards it.

Everything is going as planned, at least for now...


Suddenly, as you get ready to reach for the envelope, your worst fear becomes a true and threatening reality...

...someone is watching you.

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Your eyes lock. His look leaves no room for speculation – he clearly suspects you!

He is waiting for your next move...


You are fully aware of the Iranian secret service's ruthlessness.

Their policy of shoot-to-kill first, ask questions later, does not leave much room for error. The slightest indication of fear, a split-second of hesitation will result in your death.

You need to act right now!

How will you respond?

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This is one of the scenarios you have been trained for. You feel ready.

You remain calm, focused and goal-oriented. You've already decided your next move.

You pick an orange from the basket. Continuing eye-contact with the secret-service agent, you hold the orange to your nose, and… you smile.


You smile, pleasantly surprised how calm you are.

You smile, enjoying the high-level of clarity in which you perceive this threatening reality.

You smile, imagining the confused look on his face when he realizes both you and the envelope have disappeared.

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Gill Heart will train you, a C-Suite Executive, to respond in the same way under everyday triggers.

Dr. Gill Heart is a former Special Forces operative with 30 years of undercover operational and training experiences, academic and clinical knowledge in neuroscience, business experience and know-how, and a proven track record of over 10 years helping CEOs and executives change their habitual response to triggers by mastering their minds.

Dr. Heart will train you to remain calm, focused, and goal-oriented at work, home and in life by changing your habitual thought processes and behavior-patterns.